Varmilo VA87MR Keyboard

The fact that I have 3 of these keyboards should tell you a lot.

I love almost everything about these boards. First of all they are super clean. No nasty branding anywhere. The floating keycaps make it easy to clean and look good. The key caps it comes with are front-printed which gives it a stealthly look. They are made of PBT plastic which is far superior to ABS and feel better too. They also use Cherry stabilizers which in my opinion are much better than Costar (feel + sound). Costar stabilizers are also super annoying to deal with when swapping keycaps whereas Cherry's are very easy. The USB cable can be routed to the left, middle, or right. I always keep it in the middle because symmetry is nice. You can order the case in different colors, have the option of many types of switches, and keycap colors.

The only thing I don't like is that the LEDs aren't RGB. This should be standard on every single board nowadays.

Let me tell you a little bit about each board that I have.

Varmilo VA87MR #1 Varmilo_VA87MR It has a blue case and white PBT front printed keycaps as seen above. The switches are Gateron Blue with blue LED lights. I call it "my boy blue!" The white keycaps on the blue case have crisp and clean look that I like. The Gateron blues are a light and the clickiness isn't that loud. The LED's a bright and shine through the key cap plastic at night so I usually keep it on the lowest lighting level.

Varmilo VA87MR #2
Varmilo_VA87MR I loved my first Varmilo VA87MR keyboard so much that I ordered another! This time I got it with Gateron Green switches, orange LED lights, white case, and white key caps. The green switches are heavier which I like and I didn't have a tenkeyless board with greens yet. They aren't as crisp as Cherry MX Green though, unfortunately. The all white/orange LED also looks pretty sweet.

Varmilo VA87MR #3 Varmilo_VA87MR I got this one with a white case and mint keycaps just because mint is completely different. I've never used it with the mint keycaps though. It has white LEDs and Cherry MX White switches. Cherry MX Whites are like a smoother version of Cherry MX Greens and have a less noisy click. I went with white on white on white because it makes the board great for swapping out and highlighting most keycap sets. Right now I've got the /dev/tty set on there now and it looks great.