Google Fonts Installer

I am a big fan of Google Fonts. There are some really nice fonts on there. While easy to use on the web, there is no easy way to install fonts on your computer to use in Word or whatever app you’re using locally.

I take that back – there is an “easy” way. It’s called SkyFonts. It’s a third party app (not Google) that will install all of the Google Fonts for you… but there are some drawbacks. Their motivation is money. They want you to use their service to discover OTHER fonts and PAY for them. Their app also runs on your computer 24/7. Isn’t that silly? Just install the fonts and move along. So if you’re like me you’ll say NO THANKS to SkyFonts.

So without SkyFonts there is no other option to easily install all of the Google Fonts locally… Until now! I’ve written a small app to download all the fonts and install them. Half of the credit goes to this guy on github called w0ng. My app automates the download of his zip file and does the installing.

.NET Framework 4.5 is required to run the app (comes with most Windows PCs)

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Rush Frisby

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