WASD CODE Keyboard


I have two CODE keyboards. One is full size and the other is tenkeyless. They both have black cases (bought them before white was an option) and Cherry MX Green switches. I bought the full size board first because at the time I didn't know any better. I absolutely loved how the board and switches felt. It made typing fun and I cranked out so much (real) code on it. It was my first board with switches other than Cherry MX Browns. I was nervous that the clickiness would be too noisy so I ordered it with O-rings. I can't say that I preferred the O-rings though. I'm used to noisy keyboards at this point. The second CODE (tenkeyless) board I have I didn't order with O-rings. Cherry MX Green switches are by far my favorite!

The case has no markings or labeling which I am a fan of. A lot of nice boards have logos plastered on them and I find it to be an eye sore. The LEDs light up the white backplate nicely although I wish they were RGB LEDs instead of white.

My only other issue with the board is that my first one came with what seemed to have been painted keycaps and they started chipping after short use. It mostly started shipping around where the legends were, making them deformed and unreadable. A coworker with a newer version and my second board did not have this problem - although not as much typing was done on those keycaps.